10 Instagram posts that got people talking this week

From Pride celebrations to new Snapchat users and celebrity rants, Instagram was full of news this past week.

Check out how some of your favorite celebrities like Emilia Clarke, Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama chose to express themselves with heartfelt words and captivating images.

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We’ve gathered ten noteworthy Instagram posts from the week that you won't want to miss.

1. Pride Weekend

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Last weekend (June 25 and 26) members and supporters of the LGBTQ community gathered to celebrate the final weekend of Pride Month.

Parades, marches and demands for further action took place in cities across the world, and Instagram was filled with touching rainbow tributes.

Instagram’s official account shared a few of their favorite Pride posts, from balloon unicorns at Chicago’s pride parade to the above beautiful photograph taken by Nicola Antonio Espósito. 

The post shows a girl creating a rainbow out of flowers, and is captioned, “Here, Nicola Antonio Espósito (@esposin) reminds us that pride always has room to grow.”

2. Jamie Oliver

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Jamie Oliver started the week off by making his thoughts about Brexit and Boris Johnson crystal clear.

In a lengthy Instagram rant, the celebrity chef wrote, “In my own way I will now roll up my sleeves and work harder than ever to make this work. But I BEG YOU ONE THING GREAT BRITAIN ???? Give me Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister and I'm done. I'm out. My faith in us will be broken forever. So speak up people - let's stop being spectators! We can not let this happen…” 

He also used the especially crafty hashtag, #BuggerOffBoris. The rant was appropriately accompanied by a slow-motion video of the European Flag waving on the back of a boat set to “Love Lost” by The Temper Trap.

3. Emilia Clarke

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Just in time for the Season Finale of Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke reached the 5 million follower mark on Instagram last Saturday.

She reacted in one of the most adorable ways possible -- by posting a slow motion video that she recorded of some fireworks.

She captioned her celebratory thank you post, “FIVE MILLION CRAZY INSTAGRAMMERS ARE FOLLOWING THIS UTTER LOON?! 🙈🙉🙊💃 Well then here is some slow mo fireworks (from the day I successfully didn't blow up the house) to say thank you, each twinkle is one of you fabulous humans (or aliens who have picked up wifi from Mars).”

Keep being you, Emilia.

4. Caitlyn Jenner

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After 40 years, Caitlyn Jenner has returned to the cover of Sports Illustrated for the July 4 issue.

Jenner last appeared on the magazine’s cover in 1976 after winning a gold medal at the Summer Olympic Games.

On Tuesday she posted a photograph of the Sports Illustrated cover captioned, “Thank you @SportsIllustrated for taking me back down my Olympic memory lane. It was an honor!”

Over the past year, Jenner has used her celebrity to advocate for LGBTQ rights while publicly sharing her life as a transgender woman. The Sports Illustratedprofile will touch upon on her Olympic decathlon win and life since.

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To see the full article and video visit Sports Illustrated’s website.

5. Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande's friends made her a Harry Potter-themed music video for her birthday, which is basically the most magical present ever. 

The singer turned 23 years old last Sunday and shared the video on Instagram, along with a special shout out to her glorious pals, “wow my friends know me so damn well. thank you for the most ridiculous / most amazing / campiest birthday gift......⚡️🙈😩😂 I'm absolutely dead.”

The video features her friends rapping Ariana and Harry Potter-themed lyrics while in their Gryffindor getups, including, "Dobby pull up with that ratchet, Ari hit 'em with the magic."

Friends of Harry Potter fans, please take note.

6. Coldplay

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Gwyneth Paltrow shared a delightful video of her children — 12-year-old Apple and the 10-year-old Moses — singing onstage during a Coldplay concert at the Glastonbury Festival in Piliton, England.

Apple, Moses and their two cousins took the stage to help the band and their dad, Chris Martin, sing the hit song, "Up & Up.” 

Both of Martin’s children provided guest vocals on Coldplay's most recent album, A Head Full Of Dreams, so hopefully they consider starting their own band in the future.

7. Michelle Obama

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In March 2015, Barack and Michelle Obama announced Let Girls Learn -- a campaign aimed at ensuring young girls throughout the world receive quality education.

On Tuesday, the First Lady posted part of her Snapchat story on Instagram so followers could get a behind-the-scenes look at her Let Girls Learn trip abroad.

The video showed her trip to a Peace Corps GLOW Camp and school in Kataka, Liberia, and was captioned, “...Next Stop: Marrakech, where she'll talk with girls from across Morocco, many of whom are the first member of their family to overcome barriers and attend high school.”

To follow the rest of the campaign, add 'MichelleObama' on Snapchat.

8. Lady Gaga

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On Tuesday Lady Gaga posted a message of kindness to Instagram.

After speaking with the Dalai Lama at the 84th annual U.S. Conference of Mayors in Indianapolis, Indiana, during a panel hosted by Ann Curry, the singer shared several photos herself with the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, and her fans in China were not pleased.

Though Gaga shared this long quote about why kindness is the most powerful weapon against evil, Chinese fans began posting angry comments on her photographs. 

Gaga responded to the controversy by sharing another photograph of her and the Dalai Lama embracing, captioned, “We must stay unified. Be kind not only to your friends, but also your enemies. We have to try to work together towards world peace.”

 You can watch the full video of the panel on YouTube.

9. Sofia Vergara

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One of our favorite Modern Family actresses is now on Snapchat.

On Sunday, Sofia Vergara announced she would be joining Snapchat and posted a selfie with Youtubers Mario Ruiz and Sebastián Villalobos in the background.

She included her Snapchat name: sofiavsnap and was sure to feature one of Snapchat’s many entertaining filters in her post.

Be sure to add her ASAP to get an inside look at her life and see how she maintains her killer figure without sacrificing delicious Fourth of July potato salad.

10. Marnie the Dog

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The utterly adorable Marnie would like you to know that she is officially ready for summer.

The precious pooch posted a photograph of herself tanning by the pool while modeling some stylish sunglasses, captioned, “Kewl 4 the summer.”

Marnie also shared several of her other summer shenanigans to Instagram, including an exciting video of herself swimming.

Her account is sure to give you some sunshine.

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